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Monday, 7 April 2008

Spanish Feast

One of my good friend loves throwing dinner parties. The effort that she exerted conjures up images of superheroes multi-tasking. There were many dishes that drew "Wow"s and "Ohhh"s. We had a variety of homemade tapas - simple yet delicious.

I made the chicken paella in a Scanpan.

Plenty of white wine and red wine based Sangria to let the teeth have a break.

Dessert were decadent fruit kebabs and sugar dusted churros with Lindt chocolate from the awesome chocolate fountain.

Envious right!


Ange said...

Looks superb! I too used to prepare feasts for my friends like this & loved it. Having a Chloe - now 1 has slowed me down a bit & I am just starting to get back into giving dinner parties again - alas I think it will be a while before such a magnificent spread is prepared in my kitchen again. Well done

Kazmic said...

Hi Ange, thanks for visiting. It's great that people take the initiative. Glad to hear that you're getting back into it! Send me picture!

Anna said...

I do envy the chocolate fountain! And that paella looks amazing ;)

Kazmic said...

Not as good as yours Anna!!