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Thursday, 10 April 2008


I went to a wonderful little restaurant for lunch today, called Seamstress. What great comfort food for lunch! The menu is broken up according to portion size, so you order according to your appetite. Of course, you can order lots of difference items to share, and I think that would be the way to go for me next time.

But today we were presented with a delicate sake cup of clear chicken broth to cleanse our palette then came our shared entree: Dumplings by the tailor. That was followed by two mains: Wok n' Roll (seasoned horfun noodles, green beans, abalone mushrooms and thinly sliced grain fed beef fillet; and Braised oxtail wrapped in sesame leaf, with tempura shitake, tomato tea and jujubes. A little container of rice came with our (Medium) mains. We couldn't stop praising the food, as it was so delicious and light.

The decor was really cute focusing on the theme of Seamstress of course. Although the decor didn't really tell you much about the food style but tells you that it's going to be a little bit unusual. Yes it was a little bit unusual but most of all it was rewarding.

Don't tell many people! Because I want to be able to just drop in for lunch. ssshhhhh

113 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
9663 6363


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Ross Hill said...

Hi there,

You might be interested in meeting restauranteur Paul Mathis at The Hive next week - details at

Cheers, Ross

s.phung said...

Talking about Seamstress, there is an event there for the Melbourne Writers Festival as author Janet de Neef talks about Balinese food. Here are some other events which caught my eye and perhaps other foodies like me:

Dramatic Readings and a 3 course meal at Bottega Restaurant

4 course dinner, fine cheeses and wine at the Press Club (during which Chef George Calombaris is presenting his book 'The Press Club: Modern Greek Cookery')

Lunch at MoVida with Chef Camorra as he talks about his new book 'MoVida: Spanish Culinary Adventures'

Wine at Beer Deluxe with award-winning wine writer Campbell Mattinson, author of 'The Big Red Wine Book'

So if anyone is interested in food and writing, the program is online via

Kazmic said...

Cooking: Thanks for visiting!
Ross: Let me know when the next Hive event is!
S.Phuong: Keep those event info coming!