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Friday, 14 March 2008

Oyster Little Bourke

I should be all over the Food and Wine Festival this year, but I'm not. I found out that it was on through a colleague who wanted to organise a Lunch Express $30 deal. We took advantage of the Lunch Express one Friday at Oyster Little Bourke and were not disappointed.

For $30, you get a choice of two courses, a glass of Mandala Semillon or Pinot Noir, tea or coffee. There was a great variety of dishes, and we took awhile to decide on our final section. There were a great variety of dishes from the set menu, and we took awhile to decide on our final order. Between us, we had half a dozen fresh oysters with a shallot and lemon sauce, salmon gravax with grilled vegetables and rocket leaves. For mains, we had the grilled butterfish, minute steak with crumpled pea and a interesting red wine sauce, and grilled pork cutlet.

My oysters were fresh but rather small, the steak was more well-done than the medium and saltier than I would have liked. None the less, I finished everything! My colleagues ate his grilled pork cutlet rather quickly, so I am guessing that it tasted as good as it looked.

One dining partner was Vegetarian and they were able to offer a few nice choices, gnocchi and risotto. The gnocchi dish got the nod of approval.

I have to get more organised next year if it leads to meals as enjoyable as this!

35 Little Bourke Street
9650 0988

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