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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Funky Grill'd Burgers

My sister recommended this burger joint near our house. I don't usually crave for burgers but I do crave for beef and I do crave simple & quick meals, especially after a long and drawn out rainy day. Last Wednesday was such a day....

So we headed off to the nearest Grill'd, which was in Windsor and luckily found a car park near it. You wouldn't think that it was a good place for an eatery but while we were there, there was a healthy flow of customers all ordering burgers and hot chips.

I have to say their herb hot chips are fantastic.... burgers, although took longer than expected, was a treat - juicy meat patty with what seems like a good dose of green vegetable mashed into the patty. You get to choose what bread you want your burger in - wholemeal, white bread, sourdough, panini... There are not only beef burgers but also exotic lamb and chicken varieties. Only one type of fries though. Everything is made when you order it, even the chips, so everything is hot and fresh.

The space is funky and urban. There was a mix of clientele as well, obviously people who live nearby though. On each table, there is a doodling book and colour pencils. If they like your doodle, it may appear on their website. It's a rather casual place with a very open kitchen. The branding of this franchise is extensive, the staff have different Grill'd t-shirt with different slogans and graphics, similar to a red and beige graphic on a feature wall.

I loved my Simply Grill'd Burger (with cheese) and Hot Chips, Hubby was not so convinced. Apparently he had the best burger of all times at this Fish and Chips place in Sydney. In any case, if you crave for a healthy and yummy burger - go to your nearest Grill'd.

157 Chapel Street
Corner of St John Street
03 9510 2377


Food: Funky and fresh burgers and fries
Top Dish: Herb fries are not to be missed
Atmosphere: Casual, Funky & Urban
Service: Could be faster, we waited about 10-15 minutes for our burgers.
Booking: Just rock up

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