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Monday, 2 April 2007

Crystal Jade Chinese Restaurant

My mum's youngest sister came to visit last month to attend my cousin's graduation ceremony from Taiwan. We usually spend a lot of time with her when we visit Taiwan, and it was really a pleasure to see her in Melbourne. My other cousin, Barry also came to town from Adelaide. He decided to take us all out one night so we picked the restaurant for him :P

Don't be fooled by its exterior and location, Crystal Jade Chinese Restaurant is a fantastic restaurant. Hidden away in Waratah Place along with the "lovely" KumDeng eatery, you have to be in the know to find this place.

The decor is a bit strange, with yellow walls and dark-wood cabinets.. still it is the food that we are here for. Their cuisine centres around seafood and the daily special is written on the blackboard above the fish tank. They also specialise in Northern Chinese Cuisine, dishes like Ants on Buddha and Prawns with 3-Colour Eggs.

They pride themselves in serving quality tea as well and I love their glass tea pots...

Here are some photos of the dishes taken with my mobile phone camera... braised lobster with ginger and noodles.

Red-cooked mushrooms, fried tofu and abalone.

(er... this one looks like Chinese Broccoli with beef slices (^^;)....

For dessert, we got to try buttery biscuits from Cavallini Artisan Bakery ..... I was skeptical at first because they didn't look like anything out of the ordinary and I was not really craving for them after such a big dinner. But the biscuits tasted so good, especially the one that looks like cow's manure, that ended up having two. The chocolate biscuit's dough melted in my mouth first followed by the pin-size chocolate solids. I wanted to eat the rest, but there were other people in the room... Oh well, will just have to go and buy some myself....

Crystal Jade Chinese Restaurant
11 Waratah Place

03 9639 2633

Cavallini Artisan Bakery Patisserie & Espresso Bar
354 Queens Parade

North Fitzroy/Clifton Hill

03 9486 3883

Food: Simple Northern Chinese Cuisine
Top Dish: 3 Colour Egg Prawn with 3-Colour Eggs
Atmosphere: Eccentric
Service: Speedy service.
Booking: Recommended especially for dinner


thanh7580 said...

One of the biscuits really does look like cow's manure.

I'm so looking forward to eating lobster, haven't eaten it in a while. It's finally starting to drop in price, a friend bought some live lobster for $49 a kilo last week. I'll wait till it drops a bit more before buying some.

Kazmic said...

Thanh7580, I tried using different angle but at every angle the biscuit still looked like cow's manure :P

I have to confess I'm not a big fan of cooked lobster... I love lobster sashimi that's about it. You can get great lobster sashimi from Shoya :)