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Wednesday, 4 April 2007


I've never cried so much at some one's wedding! May's wedding was just wonderful especially her speech and her mother's speech. It's really touching to see how much they love each other. It's also amazing to see when someone is so brave as to bare their soul to 90+ people with such warmth and honestly. No matter what happens, we will be there for you, May!

The Wedding Luncheon was held at Butleigh Wootton, an elegant mansion reception in Kew. Although simple, the lunch was actually quite interesting. I'm n
ot a huge fan of Hardy's wines but it was pleasant with the food.

Menu Selection

Duck breast

marinated in mirin soy, ginger, and garlic with spinach, bean shoots, wild mushrooms and a Japanese style dressing

Fillet of Atlantic Salmon

with a minted pea mash, roasted fennel, crispy pancetta and truffle oil dressing


Eye fillet of beef

served on a thyme potato roesti with caramelised shallots, crispy beetroot, spinach and a classic red wine jus

Wedding Cake

served with cream,berries and coulis

Freshly percolated coffee, tea, port and chocolates

I thought the duck breast was a bit bland but Hubby loved it. We both had the Atlantic Salmon as we were intrigued by the truffle oil :P and not particularly by the beetroot. The wedding cake was a moist cherry chocolate cake which I devoured along with the berries and cream. Unfortunately, I didn't see the port before the MC announced that we had to get out before the next event at BW starts that evening.

Time really passes quickly when you're having fun. I guess for any weddings, you would want your guest to want to linger and stay until the end. This wedding was like that, it was 4:30pm before we knew it and we had to leave. Just a nice Saturday afternoon for a honest and hearth-felt wedding...

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