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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

The Age's Cheap Eats 2007 Launched Yesterday


I rushed out and bought a copy of the Cheap Eats 2007 after reading The Age's article - "Bargain hunter-gatherers". The editor of Cheap Eats, Nina Rousseau named 10 of the best and most innovate dishes for $15 or less, which included Horoki's Daikon salad with sashimi for $11.50 and Cookie's mussel cakes with green mango salad for $14.50. These dishes are probably not filling enough on their own and they tend to be entree size, which you would expect cost around $15. Never the less, the book has some quality recommendations, such as Horoki, Bar Lourinha, and Pellegrini's (of course). There are many that I haven't been too and am keen to try. Having to save for my honeymoon this year, I'm going to reserve my Good Food Guide 2007 for special occasions and have Cheap Eats as my bible!

Special subscriber offer: The Age subscribers can purchase this product for only $19.95).

23/3/07 Update: A bit disappointed with the content and have started collecting info from my friends about Real cheap eats - places where I can get a good full meal for $15 per head for dinner and less than $10 per head for lunch. Getting lots of responses thus far, I will post when a few more people have send back their recommendations.

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