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Monday, 5 March 2007

8 Days in USA - January 07

8 days of US and we're back in Melbourne again! Where did all the time go?!?!

Los Angeles was fantastic, eventhough I didn't get to do all the things I had planned for Michael and I. But we did get to do some touristy things the first day we arrived, i.e. the Hollywood Sign, Gauman's Chinese Theatre, Avenue of The Stars, Bel Air, Beverly Hills etc.

Outside Gauman's Chinese Theatre

Outside Kodak Theatre

In Hollywood, we found one of my favourite American fast food joint - Popeye's and ate there for lunch. Dodgy people coming in and out, I was a bit scared but loved the food. In my opinion, better than KFC .

Travelling around visit the gorgeous houses of Beverly Hills and Bel Air, you can imagine what a life! It was a pleasure just to "OOhH" and "AHHH" outside their magnificent houses and beautiful cars. We saw two SLRs - can you imagine!

On Rodeo Drive, don't know how but we managed to enter Harry Winston, as it is normally by appointment. The gentlemen in there were very polite and allowed us to try whatever we wanted. I tried on a 6 carat cherry red ruby with pave diamonds around it and on the band worth USD250,000. I really didn't want to take it off... So beautiful! Lucky M took me to have dessert at Beverly Wilshire The Blvd, then I calmed down a bit.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Voss Norwegian Water and Dessert at The Blvd, Beverly Wilshire

We ate a lot in US. I still can't believe the serving size. Our brunch at the popular The Cheesecake Factory on Colorado Avenue, Pasadena was no exception.

Look at my latte! Brunch at the Cheesecake Factory in Old Pasadena

Vietnamese food in LA is definitely better than anything that I have tasted to date.

7 Course Vietnamese Beef Banquet

Hama Sushi in Little Tokyo

Francis Ford Coppola's Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs Champagne

6 Flags Magic Mountain was fantastic. I definitely would get the Flash Pass again, which gives you priority access to the front of the queues of rides. This allowed M to ride Tatsu (the newest ride in the park) 4 times within 30 minutes.

Tatsu - The Ride. You start and finish with your head facing the floor

Our Lunch at the Mooseburger Lodge in 6 Flags

Snacking in 6 Flags

Chiu Chou Noodle Soup (Noodles are from my Uncle's Factory)

This trip, I got to try the "Best burger in LA" - The In and Out Burger. We couldnt' believe that there was only three different burgers that they serve - Hamburger, Cheese Burger and the Double Burger. The beef patty is cooked fresh and not made from frozen beef, the french fries are real pieces of chopped potatoes that still has the skin on it. All you can drink soft drinks. I didn't have enough that I had to have it again on our last day in the US. YUMMM!!! (Apparently there are "Secret Menus" that you can order, including the Protein style burger, Animal style burger, sauce on fries etc.)

Vegas trip was surprising easy... pretty much a straight road once you hit San Bernadino Hwy. Do not bother going to any outlets but the Fashion Outlets at PRIMMS.. save your money and shop there... Do make sure that you have a full tank before you head out... As petrol at one of the petrol station on the way cost USD$4 a gallon! Highway robbery I know. But it was funny that some guy in an Audi was getting upset over the price and questioning a resting policeman whether it was legal to do that.....

Our GPS called "Never Lost" - Yeah Right / Beautiful scenery along the way

Lucky that we arrived two days before my conference started, so that we could go to a nice meal at Picasso, The Bellagio; Grand Canyon light plane tour and some gambling!

Our Light Plane / Grand Canyon / Hoover Dam

While I was working hard at the conference, M was also working at.... at the golf courses.

On the last night in Vegas, we were able to walk around the Strip and watch the Bellagio Fountain.

The Venetian / The Mirage / Vegas Traffic

Balley's Paris

Great ending to a wonderful journey.

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