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Monday, 27 November 2006

Perfect Paella

My sister came over for dinner and I saw an article a few days before about how to cook the perfect paella, so I thought I would give the dinner a Spanish theme.

On the Menu

Pan Fried Saganaki Haloumi

Garlic Brown Mushrooms and Chorizos (with lots of extra virgin olive oil)

Spanish Omelette

Chicken, Chorizo and Mixed Seafood Paella (about 20 saffron strains )

All the ingredients were bought from the DJ Food Court. We followed The Age recipe with some creative liberty.

We cooked the paella in my sister's scanpan. Fantastic tool, got to get me one of those. I should have put the seafood just before I put the paella in the oven.It took us 2 hours to cook but then I am a slow cutter. Hopefully it will take less time next time. A great success - yum!!!

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