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Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Brown Garlic & Parsley Butter Sauce Swordfish

We were eating in last night and I wanted to have seared tuna, with potato salad. I saw these chunky pieces of tuna at DJ food court last week and the gentleman before me took them all.. so I was kicking myself for letting him go before me. But DJ didn't have any tuna today so I settled for swordfish for pan-frying. I got some potato bacon and mustard salad, some pine nuts, a little tiny jar of salmon roe and skipped home.

Stephanie Alexander's "A Cook's Companion" is just a fabulous book for a novel cook like me. I looked up the "Fish" section and found a recipe for Brown butter sauce for pan-fried fish. I varied it a little as I didn't have any fresh lemons in the house... to make it a garlic sauce.

M & I prepared some baby spinach for sides, and I pan-fried some onions and brown mushrooms with lots of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

M then pan-friend the swordfish to perfection in half butter half olive oil. It took probably about 10 minutes to cook each piece. While M did that, I made the sauce with unsalted butter, fresh chopped parsley and lots and lots of chopped garlic. Cook until brown and serve on top of swordfish piping hot!

Last but not least, we placed some delicious salmon roe on top of the swordfish to flavour and garnish. Don't need salt if you have the roe.


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