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Thursday, 30 November 2006

Good Weekend

I had a really lovely weekend doing various girlie things when M was away in Sydney for golf.

Earlier in our relationship, I've struggled abit to keep myself happily occupied while he played golf on theweekends, but I think I've got the hang of it now.

My colleague took me to the Peonies of Romswood up in Kerrie, north of Melbourne. We got there about 11am and were greeted by fields of white,rosy, electric pink coloured peonies. Apparently the red peonies hadbloomed already and we were just there at the right time to see them.

After strolling around the fields taken photos, we sat down underthe pine trees for a little seminar about peonies. I was adamant that I would get some peonies potted for my balcony eventhough I was told that they are not as hardy as pot plants. I will try my best.

After the peonies, we went up to the Memorial Cross at Mt Macedon for alight lunch. Although it was cloudy you get a sense that the view wouldbe spectacular. I had their seasonal vegetable and pea soup with Turkishbread. Flavoursome but a little bit on the salty side.After that we strolled to the Memorial Cross to have a look. J couldn'tbelieve that I had never been there before. ;)Heading back home, we stopped by a Winery / Garden store to pick up someceramic pots for the peonies. I forgot that I needed soil - doop!

Saturday night, I had a Farewell / Housewarming BBQ down in Hawthorn East and we were entertained by people playing twisters.. Hilarious. At the BBQ, my favourite was the Cajun chicken.. hmm got to have that for my BBQ!

Sunday, got into the city to do some shopping, then headed off to Westlake Chinese Restaurant for some yum cha with Yuki. I was a bit lateso she had to queue up for us. After that we did more shopping andwent in search of Kura Sake Bar.

Unfortunately it wasn't opened so weheaded off to Transport Hotel, Federation Square for some delicious and inexpensive pub dinner. $34 bought us two Asahi draft, deep-fried beerbattered calamari salad and pesto baked salmon steak with sweet potatoand steamed cauliflower and broccoli. We finished everything!! And sat chatting while the sun set on the Yarra.

OH yeah before that we visited the Yann Arthus-Bertrand's "Earth from Above" exhibition - so moving! I wanted to get the book but it was pass 7pm and the store was closed.. Have to go there tonight to get a copy...

22/06/07 Update: Westlake has had a face-life. Food and service still the same. I don't think I would recommend it for dinner but yumcha is okay.

Westlake Chinese Restaurant
189 Little Bourke Street
03 9663 4265

Kura Sake Bar

Transport Hotel
Federation Square
Flinders Street
03 9654 8808

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