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Friday, 1 December 2006

Harumi Kurihara's "Harumi's Japanese Home Cooking"

Harumi's Japanese Home Cooking

Pages from Harumi's Cookbook

Recently I went to Dymocks to look for the "Cooking of China" book that my sister has because I just got married and I want to start being able to cook better food for my hubby. What better than to start with my own cuisine. Unfortunately, they didn't have the book but I came across a very clean cut simple booked called "Harumi's Japanese Home Cooking" (see pictures).

I looked through the book and saw that she had a recipe for baked cheesecake, I snapped the book and went straight to the counter. The book is making it's round at the office at the moment.. But I've photocopied the baked cheese cake, chilled noodles with pork and cod roe with noodles recipes for this weekend. Probably will use my salmon roe instead of the cod roe :)

23/3/07 Update: My friend loved the cookbook and has since made the delicious dumplings from it. Now that he wants to keep it, he has to find me another copy.....

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