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Monday, 29 January 2007

Wedding Bellies

Our foodie friend from Malaysian came down for a few weeks mainly to attend a mutual friend's wedding. It's always a treat to hear him talk so passionately about food, in fact, he knows more about the restaurants in Melbourne than I do!!!

The night before the wedding, we met them after their dinner at Taxi and had wonderful desserts there. As M was to drive the bridal party around, B & S agreed to pick me up the next day.

After the ceremony, which we arrived just in time to rush in before the bride, we headed off to have brunch at MART 130 in Middle Park under B's directions. We actually went to Pearl first but were too late for their brunch, which ended at 12pm. It was 12:45pm

MART 130 was a treat! It felt like I was in a lego cafe, somewhere surreal. The location itself is surreal - a tram stop in Middle Park. The breakfast is simple and straight-forward, the service simple and friendly. We ordered 3 of the four breakfast eggs numbered dishes: Poached eggs with bacon and avocado on toasted sour dough; poached eggs with chorizos, onions, tomatoes with a side of bacon; and poached eggs with smoked salmon, chives etc... All delicious and in generous serves. Definitely will go back again to this quirky little cafe

After that, even after a fairly full stomach, we headed off to South Melbourne for some cakes at Let Them Eat Cake. I must say, their special occasion cakes weren't didn't look very spectacular but the bread and butter pudding and dates pudding was fantastic, especially the dates pudding. The brown sugar and the caramelised coconut slices on the cake just danced in your mouth! The atmosphere was nice as well for a summery afternoon. Highly recommended the decorative gingerbread men there as well

Oh yes and there was the wedding reception at Zinc after that....

MART 130
107A Canterbury Road
Middle Park
03 9690 8831

Let Them Eat Cake
147-149 Cecil Street
South Melbourne
03 9686 0077

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