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Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Kura Sake Bar

Have I made an entry about this? I must have!! as it is the second time that i've been there..

I always forget about this lovely bar when I am looking for a nice relaxing place to drink and eat with my friends. If you like Japanese sake, shochu (Japanese vodka), plum wine etc.. you must go to this place... it's has a massive selection of Japanese spirits and knowledgeable staff to help you select the right ones for your meals. Dishes are to compliment drink, rather than the other way around. Dishes such as Chigimi - an okonomiyaki with spring onion, teriyaki salmon with mushrooms, tofu and cod roe salad, tako wasa (octopus in wasabi sauce), maguro yukke and much much more...

My favourite dish would have to be: Cod Roe Agedashi Tofu. So delicious!.
Favourite drink: Apple Chuhai.

Kura Sake Bar
1 Malthouse Lane
03 9654 7454

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