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Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Red Silks Restaurant & Bar

I saw a review on Red Silks somewhere that it was a decent Chinatown hangout, and it was timely that Yuki called yesterday to say that she was going to be in the city. I haven't seen her for a while since I left for my holidays, so I eagerly saved my packed lunch for the next day to go out for lunch with her. She wanted Chinese food and I didn't mind HK cafe food, so Red Silks jumped to mind.

The open air balcony atop the Midcity Arcade is simple with wooden floors, chairs and tables, surrounded by glass fence and "money" plants. We sat outside because the inside looked more like a bar than a restaurant. The menu is extensive... In the end, I ordered my Lemongrass grilled chicken with fried egg on a rice , and Y ordered the Hainanese Chicken Rice. For drinks, we ordered the Apple Cidres imported from Taiwan: Yum - brings back childhood memories .

The service was good if you can wave them down My grilled chicken was disproportionate to the big mountain of rice, while Y's hainanese chicken looked generous. Both our meals were nice, and good attention to detail, e.g. my dish came with a dish of fish sauce, which was lovely with the grilled chicken. Y's dish came with a large portion of special chill sauce, which she devoured.

Unlike in any HK cafes, we didn’t feel rushed, so we had a good yak. Definitely will go back to try all the rest of the dishes and drinks.

Red Silks Restaurant & Bar
101. 1st Floor 200 Bourke Street
03 9663 9922

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