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Tuesday, 11 October 2005

YuZU / Stonegrill

Another fantastic casual dining place in the city!! Our friend,
suggested that we meet for our catch up at Stonegrill inside Paramount
Building on Bourke Street. I can't believe how busy it is! Their
specialty is stonegrill, which is where they serve you your meats and
vegetables in a special heated stone, heated in a special oven to around
400C and the heat lasts for about 30 minutes... So you got to cook
fast!! There are delicious and plentiful set menus - where you get a
variety of meats, seafood and vegetables to grill yourself on the stone
blocks. Side dishes include rice cakes, salad, and a few pieces of
salmon sashimi. There are 5 sauces, some recommended for the meats, some
for the vegetables.

Yuzu has a great drinks menu too, lots of (very sugary) mocktails and
asian-flavour drinks, e.g. yam milk tea with sago.

It was a fun experience definitely... I had a yummy aged tenderloin and
garlic and egg fried rice for my stonegrill as well... The set menu also
came with deserts - various gelatin delights... Can't wait to go back!!!

Yuzu / Stonegrill
Shop 2, Bourke Street Level The Paramount
181 Exhibition Street
Melbourne / 03 9639 3226

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