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Thursday, 6 October 2005

Mishaps in the Kitchen

Recent "unsuccessful" stints in the kitchen

I had some fresh creme in the fridge that I wanted to use so I decided to make pannacotta, one of my favourite desert. Unfortunately, no vanilla bean or normal gelatin.. so had to make do with orange blossom flavouring and green gelatin.. yes green.... It turned out okay... just a little more gelatin next time I think...*sadly* if it weren’t green it would have been more yummy!

Next time I want to try Bills' recipe of rose yoghurt pannacotta... bought lovely vanilla beans yesterday... expensive but well worth it - smells divine!

Great pannacottas so far:

- Brunetti's vanilla pannacotta with white and brown chocolate – yummy!

- Grosso Florentino's rose pannacotta

Last night, I made fried calamari and prawn rocket salad with garlic & rosemary angel-hair yesterday… man did I splatter when I fried the seafood! Hmm.. should have separated the egg dip and takoyaki powder (yes I used left over takoyaki flour !) It was a funny sight! But it turned out quite yummy!! HAPPY!

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