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Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Kenzan @ GPO

One of my family's favourite restaurant is Kenzan.. Now a days we don't go there too much because Murazaki is closer and we love the owners

But it is really good to see that Kenzan has opened a casual dining restaurant in the GPO called simply Kenzan @ GPO. It mainly caters for the lunch set and the shopping crowd.... Going there for lunch today!
Hope it is good!!

.... It was good... fantastic food... casual but you're having Kenzan quality Japanese food on the go! So it is simply the best quality fast Japanese food you can get in the city. And the setting is trendy yet traditional Japanese - the sushi chef -Naoki Sugeta-san is a resident chef from Kenzan too. Don't know how he feels about working at the "fast food" Kenzan.. so please visit him by sitting at the counter!!

Kenzan @ GPO
Shop G28 350 Bourke Street
Tel: 03 9663 7767

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