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Wednesday, 20 July 2005

Pappadums Pappadums!

I've never been a big fan of Indian food, in fact the last time I had
Indian food was in a cozy little restaurant in Sheffield, UK. My project
manager took a few of us out to his favourite Indian place and we pigged
out. That was a wonderful experience and since then, I have become a little
less shy of Indian food....

Two weeks ago, I was craving for pappadums, and a colleague suggested
that we go for Indian just two blocks away from our office.. I was
sceptical about how good it would be as we were heading towards the
dodgier part of King Street, CBD.

It was further into the dodgy side of King Street then I thought.. But
the restaurant - humble and ethnic - looked "safe". The owner standing
at the corner with the hot plates of cooked curry and rice, asked us to
come in and handed us the menu, which consisted of 3 choices... 1 curry
& rice/roti, 2 curry & rice/roti, 3 curries & rice/roti.

Always the difficult one, I wanted 2 curries with a little rice AND roti. The owner
happily agreed because my colleague also wanted to try both. Served on a
canteen style tray (which reminded me of kindergarten meal-time) I had a
spinach curry and the beef curry, fragrant rice, freshly made roti and

Got to tell you, the meal was divine, absolutely divine. A few days
after the meal, I laid awake at night craving the flavours.. I wasn't
the only one; apparently my colleagues also felt the same. So we will go
this week again, yielding to our cravings.

I will find out the restaurant name this time so I can post it on the
blog! Wait for it!

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