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Wednesday, 20 July 2005

Conversation with Sis "Master Chef"

Email to Sis:

The favour was fantastic, just right! Do you have the recipe?? Can I
share it on my blog??

Message from Sis:

And it even has heaps of eggplant in it too! [I don't really like the taste of Eggplant - KC] Can you believe that there is only about 1 teaspoon of salt in the white sauce and there's no salt in the rest of the lasagne? The salt comes from the bacon I added in the meat sauce and the cheese on top.

You can put it in your blog but I don't have any quantities cos it depends on how much you make. I just do it by ear. I'll give it a go anyway:

Grilled eggplant:
sliced eggplant
olive oil

Brush eggplant slices with oil and dust with paprika and rosemary. Grill
until soft. Put aside.

Slice tomatoes for layering.

Meat sauce:
mince beef
diced bacon, capsicum (I didn't add it in cos I was lazy but I think it
would taste nice), onion and mushroom
minced garlic
italian herbs
canned tomato
tomato paste
stock (beef or vege)

Cook all dry ingredients and then add the wet ones. Set aside.

White sauce:
plain flour
sour cream
salt & pepper

Melt butter and add flour and cook almost to a paste consistency (use a
whisk). Add in sour cream and thin it out by adding milk. Add nutmeg,
salt and pepper. Set aside.

Layer sheets of lasagne pasta first in baking dish. Then put layer of
meat sauce, then tomatoes, then eggplant and then white sauce. Another
layer of pasta, meat sauce etc. End with pasta and enough white sauce
to cover the pasta REALLY well. That's important. If you don't, the top
pasta will be crunchy and uncooked. Top it all off with some sort of
cheese (tasty, mozarella, cheddar).

Put it in if you like. The trick is to make sure the eggplant is cooked
through before you put it into the lasagne.

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