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Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Korean BBQ!

Yes yes another one... Every time we go to Shoya (Japanese restaurant) in Market Lane (same street as Flower Drum), we always notice the big green sign "Korean Palace". As a family, we love Korean BBQ, so much fun and so much yummy little dishes to taste.

Usually, we don't like to cook on Sundays, so we decided to give Korean Palace a try... We got there and ordered bulgogi (marinated beef for BBQ), pork belly, ox tongue for BBQing at our table. We also ordered a soft tofu hot pot. THe restaurant imported special Korean BBQ tables with the special grill in the middle of the table. This BBQ has vacuum that sucks the smoke (but not the smell) before it passes the table surface. Fantastic... They used real coal at this restaurant for the BBQ so that the BBQ meat has a really nice charcoal taste.. However... we had only 30 minutes to put all our meats on the BBQ before the coal burn out.

Hmm... 600g of meat to be consumed within 30minutes.. rush rush rush....After all the meat, we order some ox tail soup to calm the bbq meat in our stomach... we were full to the brim when we finished our soup...

Verdict...*Quietly*....not as good as Seoul House (Russell Street) in
terms of the tastiness and variety of the little side dishes, atmosphere
(only two occupied tables including ours) and time to eat the meat. But
but but, my extra kim chi and rice were free...

Korean Palace
26-28 Market Lane
Tel: 03 9663 4667

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