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Sunday, 10 July 2005

Cafe Segovia

Café Segovia...great location in Block Lane off Lt Collins Street. We ordered the salt and pepper calamari, a generous bowl of French fries, porter house steak with balsamic and red wine reduction, margharita pizza (veggie pizza) and a generous portion of seafood tomato based risotto. I got the pizza... which had a nice spongie base but there wasn't enough feeling... 4 basil leave, 4 slices of cheese and thin layer of tomato base... Luckily there were the entrees and the other main. Top of the pops, goes to the porterhouse steak followed by the S&P Calamari.

Then off to Max Brennan (QV) for hot chocolate. Unfortunately, it was closed so went to Three Degrees (the bar opposite) and had the $10 Beer Flight of a selection of 50ml (but we think that there were about 100ml in some of them) beer. Our favourite - Beez Neez, a honey wheat beer that could rival Mountain Goat... Three Degrees is great for a quiet loungy drink if you're around QV way. :]

Cinnamon donuts - the only thing that makes me euphoric is cinnamon donuts from The Fix on Degrave Street. 6 for $3.5 - is that a cheap bag full of joy or what! Let me know if you know of any other "heavenly" cinnamon donuts!

Cafe Segovia
33 Block Pl
Tel: 03 9650 2373

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