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Friday, 22 July 2005


Went to watch "War of the World" yesterday at Victoria Gardens, Richmond. Yesterday and instead of our usual Pacific House / Vietnamese Pho meal, we decided to go to something more "wholesome". Michael mentioned "Fenix". He didn't have a good experience 3 years ago, but as I haven't been before, we decided to go there because the ambiance is suppose to be "nice".

Fenix is situated on a hill/cliff overlooking the Yarra River. The restaurant was full, and without any reservation we decided to try Fenix' cafe... "The restaurant is full" should have given us the indication that we weren't going to get much service..... and we didn't get any... We had to get our own menu.. had to wave down the waiters to order, wave down the waiters to get access to our opened sparkling water, wave down to waiters to cancel the dessert because it was too long, and pay at the counter (shock horror!) because we had to leave in time for the movie at 9pm... I am sure the restaurant is fine service wise, just don't sit at the cafe.

Food wise in the cafe, my goodness.... Mikey and I ordered fried prawns with bamboo shoot salads and pan fried pork loin chop(s) [I am sure that there was an s but we didn't get chops we got chop]. The fried prawns should be called "Bamboo shoot salad with 3 fried prawns"... that's all I am going to say about... We also pre-ordered our dessert - vanilla creme brulee and chocolate souffle (yum!) thinking that they would take time..... after they took our mains away... we waited probably 10 minutes and gave up....

Thank goodness for War of the Worlds... popcorn and choc-tops... or else they would have ruin my night.

680-682 Victoria St
Tel: 03 9427 8500

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