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Wednesday, 8 June 2005

Bluefire Grill and Bar- Docklands

No matter what they name the place - Docklands, Victoria Harbour, New Quay... the place is still deserted... It's sad but so much investment money has poured into this area... and it's nice but where is all the people???

It's not like I haven't been in Docklands before but every time, we find ourselves driving around and around looking for the right place to park.... After driving around for 15 minutes and going to some deserted pier... we arrived at "New Quay" ... After parking our car, we walked and walked and finally found the restaurant which was at the end of entertainment strip, passing all the other bars and restaurants. Most of them not very busy.

There were 6 of us, and we ordered a seafood platter for 3 and a grilled platter for 3. Way way too much food, I really enjoyed the variety that we got for the platters though... but the "No More Please!!" coasters on our table pretty much echoed our sentiments. By the time the grilled meat and seafood came.. we were quite full, no stuffed!

Consider only getting 1 to 2 less the number of platter vs people... The platters are great when you haven't been there. But for return visits, the moran bay bugs and grilled calamari dishes are for me!

Bluefire Grill and Bar at Waterfront City
427 Docklands Drive
Waterfront City
Tel: 03 9670 8008

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