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Friday, 3 June 2005

African Delight

Well got to say Nyala African Restaurant was a hit. Having only been to an Ethiopian restaurant in Manhattan New York, Nyala was nothing that I expected. The restaurant was spotless with warm lighting and a Jamaican feel bar counter in the back of the room with a few strings of fairy lights overhead. The African music that played over the speakers were light-hearted and inviting. The whole atmosphere of the restaurant was inviting and comfortable. Because we haven't been before, we decided to order the banquet for all 6 of us. We BYOed a red and a white wine, which went well with the variety of meat main dishes. I wanted to try the African beer though, perhaps next time.

Our entrees were African roti with three types of vegetarian dips (very interesting flavours), and then fried battered cauliflower with spiced beef mince. Great combination! Then came the various meat main dishes that included curry chicken, spicy beef, grilled pork and hot-pan lamb with vegetables. So much food! We are beautifully fresh lettuce salad, "yellow" rice and couscous for side dishes... It was a feast! We all had to take food home.. because there was so much.

The banquet included dessert and coffee/tea... Africans are not known for their sweet tooth so I wasn't expecting much in terms of dessert... But amongst ourselves we had chocolate & vanilla ice-cream which probably was home-made because there were chocolate bits in the ice-creams - YUMMM! The others tried the sweet couscous dish which was like pudding, and a sweet banana dish... Very sweet.

Two of us braved the Ethiopian coffee which was thick and had the consistency of cream... I added a teaspoon of sugar to mine which made it less bitter... It was interesting but aroma wise it was lacking.

Overall great fun for close friends, if you want to experience different types of food, this is the place to be and have value for money.....

Nyala African Restaurant
131 Brunswick Street
Tel: 03 9419 9128

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