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Wednesday, 22 June 2005

Bokchoi Tang - What de?

This was a much anticipated meal as I have heard a lot about Bokchoi Tang, nothing good or bad just heard a lot about the place.

When entering this place, I got very excited going up on the lift. I love modern and simple decor. The place has a mostly oriental loungy feel to it. Half of the restaurant was the lounge area with a few tables and armchairs where you can play chinese chess. The bar is in the back, with large red lanterns overhanding.

We were seated by very friendly Asian waitresses to our table next to the window over looking parts of Fed Square onto Flinders Street. No really a great view.. but a view none the less. We looked around.. and we were the only guests. Sure it's Sunday at 7:30pm.. but no one else!!

We ordered winter melon soup, steamed pork shanks, steam rice and longjing tea prawns for the 3 of us. We had Long-jing tea as well... Let me just say that the cuisine is said to be Modern Asian. er... I think Ezard is more like it than BT. There is a slight twist to each dishes and the ingredients were very fresh (e.g. our steam pork shanks were organic and tasted great!) but where is that extra something special, something different for the extra price??

Any how, I got to give them credit for the decor... looks great... but food wise... I wanted to scream - "Is that all??" I think I will go to Shark Fin House to drown my sorrows in an abalone hotpot... any takers?

Bokchoi Tang
Level 2, The Crossbar Building Federation Square
Cnr Flinders & Swanston Streets
Tel: 03 9650 8666

Shark Fin House

131 Little Bourke Street
Tel: 03 9663 1555

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