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Tuesday, 22 February 2005

Hiyoko Cakes

I received a wonderful gift from Hikki yesterday - a whole box of Hiyoko cakes that she bought from Japan! It was a thoughtful belated birthday gift... I was so touched that I set out to have two right away.. and brewed some lovely leong-jing tea to go with it . *sigh* while I was savouring the delicacy, I pondered what a blessed life I have... so fortunately to have a wonderful group of friends that know how to make me so happy!

Anyways about the Hiyoko cakes, they are my favourite cakes in the world.. It is made by a company originated in Fukuoka city, in Kushu. The soft centre ingrediants are hazelnut puree, eggs and sugar.. The outer-layer is a thin fragrant soft pastry. The pastry itself is shaped in a little chick - hence its Japanese name. Every time, I have one I can't help but kiss it before I take a bite. It is too cute!

At "Hiyoko Land", there are a lot of yummy creamy cakes as well.

Hope you get to taste one in your lifetime, because it is a real treat! Or if you are in Melbourne, remind me to let you try one, if I forget!

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