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Wednesday, 16 February 2005

Food Glorious Orita's

When I started this blog, I really thought that I wouldn't have many things to add. But since its establishment, I have realised that Melbourne has so much to offer as a place of dining... or that I am very lucky to be able to have access to wonderful restaurants of various cuisines.

Yesterday, Michael treated us to dinner and he offered my father the selection of the venue. My dad has been talking about going to Ezard or Orita's... and finally we decided on Orita's, mainly because we received a voucher for a free bottle of wine from them recently .

Orita's is a small modern Japanese fusion restaurant, run by a chef who have been the head chef for many of the restaurants in Hyatt group of hotels. We were told that it was his dream to doing something special with Japanese cuisine. He also hired his good friend, Carla to be the hostess of the restaurant.

The atmosphere in Orita's is warm and cozy, with soft lighting, wooden decor and anchored by a large marble table in the centre of the room. I am told the table weighs 5 tonnes!

We decided to have a la carte dishes to share - our selection included sushi/sashimi combination, agedashi tofu, assorted tempura, teriyaki duck, lobster tail, soft shell crab and Japanese garlic fried rice. Never order when you're hungry! Obviously we didn't have space for dessert which was a shame... because Orita's dessert menu is very enticing. Oh yes, we had a complimentary bottle of Kissing Bridge Chardonnay - very light and crisp!

This meal may seem like many other Japanese meals that you may have come across, but somehow when you are done with each dish, you feel a sense of wellness and of multiple flavours lingering in your mouth... because the ingrediants are so fresh and flavours so rich... definitely a memorious meal and as always the service was personal and attentative.

Wendy, I will take you to this place when you are here! Promise!

Orita's: 34 Jackson St Toorak 3142 / 9826 2111

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