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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Can Do Approach - Epicure Espresso (Updated)

I cannot wait to go to Brown & Do in Albert Park! It is the new restaurant from Browns Bakeries' owner - Greg Brown and his former colleague Theo Do. It will be a French-Vietnamese place for about 35 people.

I haven't been able to google where it is exactly.. All I know for now is that it is opening this Friday!

Anyone that can provide me with more info, please let me know!! In any case, planning to go there next week :)

*Read the Epicure Espresso Article
*About Greg Brown

29 January 2009 Update: My husband and I visited Brown & Do yesterday and found it refreshing. We loved our entrees and thought the mains were good. In my opinion though, they are still working out the French-Vietnamese fusion concept as I felt our meals were either more French or more Asian. I guess I expected more raw / cooked vegetables... more fish sauce...more sweetness... which are typical of Southern Vietnamese flavours. Service is friendly and the atmosphere is Parisian cafe.

I also have to say, I like Albert Park, what a beautiful little suburb. Make me think of Hayes Street in San Francisco.

Brown & Do
166 Bridport Street
Albert Park
(03) 9699 8969

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Vida said...

Please keep us posted! So glad to see Greg is still at it after the failed bakery in Glen Eira Road... He is amazing!!! I will definately be a regular!! I hope it is a raging success!!! Vida