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Friday, 7 November 2008

Vinh Vinh

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There are so many Vietnamese restaurants to choose from in Victoria Street, some are good for noodles, some are good for broken rice dishes, others are great for spring rolls etc etc …
Not often is a place good for everything and not because of the MSG content…

Unlike many of the restaurants, Vinh Vinh doesn’t require dressing down. It is bright, cheery modern and very clean. A few fish tanks dotted around the restaurant gives it a vitality.

Last week we went, my husband ordered crab claws for entree (highly recommended), a bowl of well-cooked noodle soup while I ordered the charcoal-grilled pork chop with broken rice. My husband commented that the soup stock was really good. But they didn’t give him the prawn pappadum that traditional is served with the noodle that he ordered. He left the remainder of the soup for me (to accompany my meal) and he didn’t allow the waiter to take it away while I was still eating. The pork chop that I had was juicy and grilled just enough for the lovely aroma to hit you as you bite. We were served complimentary prawn crackers as well. Yum!

However, when we looked around, we felt we were missing out on the shared dishes that patrons on other tables were consuming. There was one dish that I definitely want to try next time and I would like to call it the flaming beef in a bowl.

If you are after traditional Vietnamese fare with some class, this one is for you :)

Vinh Vinh
387 Victoria St
Abbotsford 3121 VIC
03 9429 5260


Anonymous said...

the salt and pepper squid at Vinh Vinh is amazing

Kazmic said...

Have to try that next time! Usually I go for the Vietnamese colesaw, lemongrass and chilli beef vermicelli, beef pho and their broken rice dishes...