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Thursday, 20 September 2007

US Flavoured Cola

A few nights ago I picked up a package from my mum's house.. All the information that I initially got from mum was that the box stated that the content were cans. I knew straight away what they were... My friend from US sent me cherry coke!!!!

But instead of finding one type of cherry coke, I found Summer Mix Pepsi, Jazz Caramel Cola, Jazz Strawberry and Cream Cola, Cherry Coke, Wild Cherry coke, Cherry 7-Up and Cherry Dr. Pepper. Can you imagine, my excitment!!! I was really overwhelmed and very touched by the present...
My husband and I really love it. We had the Pepsi Wild Cherry and the Strawberry Cream Coke last night with our take away. Between these two I like the Pepsi Wild Cherry better :)
Thank you thank you, Pat!!!!!! I absolutely love the fantastic surprise!

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Anonymous said...

you know you can get american soda at USA food in Bentleigh :)

Kazmic said...

Hmm... these are free :)