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Friday, 28 September 2007


We had the privilege of being invited to the Sophie Lui boutique opening on High Street, Armadale yesterday. So prior to that, we decided to have dinner around Armadale. Using the Your Restaurants website to search for a good restaurant around the area, we came across Barca Food & Wine. I haven't had Spanish food for awhile so we chose this restaurant.

It was quite an unexpected experience actually. All the Spanish restaurants that I have been to so far have a cottage feel to it. This place was slick and loungy, which completely threw me off. The spanish influence is very understated but the atmosphere - refined.

There are grazing platters to nibblies available for entree but we had the oysters and crayfish ravioli to begin with and finished with their signature dishes - the paella, with Moreton Bay bugs, pipis, prawns, calamari, chorizo, peas and fresh herbs; and the crispy-skinned duck breast served on creamy shallot and truffle-infused potato mash with broccoli and blackberry sauce. The duck was absolutely delicious but the paella, although filled with seafood, was more like a saffron risotto rather than a paella.

Being a Spanish restaurant, I was surprised that there were no Churros!?! How can this be?? But there were strange desserts include the 'Barca bomb' - a blend of Jagermeister or Belvedere vodka and Red Bull sorbet.

On a very very full stomach, we throttled along to the Opening for more sugary champagne. Always a great night when there's good food and alcohol.

Barca Food & Wine
1007 High St
Armadale 3143 VIC
03 9822 8515


Truffle said...

Sounds like a very different concept for a Spanish restaurant in Melbourne. As for the churros, I found in Barcelona they were more a breakfast-lunch food. I don't think I saw them on a single dessert menu!

I think we find them so exciting in Melbourne that Spanish restaurants here look for any opportunity to pop them on the menu and I'm not complaining!

Great review!

Kazmic said...

I didn't know that... that's interesting. Are they as sweet as they are here? In LA, they have hawkers selling it on the street, wrapped in crisp paper and come in different flavours, like cinnamon, chocolate, and just sugar hahaha. Yes love them. Some places don't do it well though - a bit gooey on the inside... hmm... must try to make it at home...