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Thursday, 28 June 2007

Ling Nam Restaurant

On Tuesday night, we caught up with a few friends who were down for business from Malaysia, and they decided to go to Ling Nam. I wasn't too crash-hot on going but never the less, it was a relatively predictable Chinese restaurant, so I thought.

In Uni days, we went there after a late night and order our supper of hot bowls of beef and preserved egg congee with Chinese fried donuts. That's what I thought they were good at. This time, luckily we went with friends who knew what to order, my Ling Nam horizon has broaden.

We ordered giant pipis in XO sauce, salt and pepper chicken steaks, black pepper sizzle plate steaks, garlic stir-fried vegetables, deep-fried flounder, scallops and chinese broccoli etc... The giant pipis dish came with deep fried Chinese donuts so that you can dip the donuts into the thickened spicy xo sauce. Delicious! Salt and pepper chicken steaks were fantastic as well - crunchy juicy and flavoursome. Definitely something I would order again. I don't remember how much it was per person, but I assume that it was fine. Probably around $30 per person. So much food....

Ling Nam / Ling Nan Restaurant (The sign says Ling Nam but on White Pages it's Ling Nan)
204 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000
(03) 9663 2347
(03) 9663 2513


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Chinese seafood is so nice. Aren't you being a bit daring though after all the recent TV stories about unhygienic practices in kitchens in Chinatown. Or is it all a media beat up?

On my budget as an unemployed person I prefer to eat my chinese seafood at the Grand Asia Cafe in an arcade off Bourke St. Curry Laksa for $7.80. Yum!

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Kazmic said...

Hi Chemonro, I will check Grand Asia Cafe out. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Busted for
MELBOURNE Council officers found pigeons wandering around the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant whose owner and his company have been fined $60,000 for filthy conditions.

Kazmic said...

Oh no!!! That's no good. I'm disappointed... but not entirely surprised.... Remember David & Camy... well I still eat there...