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Monday, 14 May 2007

Shepparton SPC Ardmona

Having resorted to spending some quality time with me, my husband had to endure a two hour drive to Shepparton on a lovely Sunday afternoon, when he could have played golf, because I wanted to go to the SPC Ardmona factory outlet.

12pm, we ran out of petrol but safely arrived at Coolabah Cafe attached to the Coles Express Shell Petrol Station. Great burgers!

The drive was scenic enough with lots of cows and sheep. We passed the time listening and singing along to Michael's old Chinese CDs, and counting road kill...

After passing a few small bridges, one named Ah Wongs Bridge, we arrived into Shepparton and drove to the actual Shepparton Cannery but the factory outlet was nowhere to be found. Luckily, I had their telephone number on my mobile because I had called them to check whether they were open on a Sunday, before we left.

We rang them and were then redirected to the town of Mooroopna (The Fruit Salad City - I'm not kidding), about 3 km from Shepparton.

We arrived finally after a little under two hour from Melbourne.

We probably spent about 1 hour there... yes 2 hour drive and 1 hour in the store - crazy I know. But it was better than we expected. There were all kinds of canned fruits and vegetables, campbell brand soups - we got lobster bisque, onion soup, chicken and sweet corn soup, a carton of spagetti, lasagna pastry sheets, dried spagetti, 10kg bread machine mix, large row of kitchen towellette, truffle chocolates, Guylian chocolates, apple and pear puree, prunes, canned Seafol tuna and so on. We spent about $180, some were for my sister. I can't believe we bought so much! I probably won't need to buy any type of canned products for a decade!

On the way back, instead of taking the Goulburn Valley Highway, we decided to go the other and headed towards Benalla. Not much difference, but a slight change of scenary. I did not spot any koalas despite numerous signs notifying me that I might. They were very percise about it as well "Koalas Next 13km".

It was about 4pm when we left Mooroopna. And we watched a mesmerising sunset to the right of our car. Mind you, it rained occasionally while we were in the car... Unfortunately, Michael took the car out for a wash before our little trip... oh well.

Because of the time, we had to head straight to Burwood for Mother's Day dinner at Gold Leaf (Former Shark Fin). We arrived at Gold Leaf around 6:30pm.

Long day but fun day. Thank you my wonderful Husband.

91 - 95 McLennan St
03 5825 2444


Lee Ping said...

Dear Kazmic,

Is that Burwood in Sydney? My parents and sisters took me there to eat roast pork, charsiew, and duck rice when I was visiting them a couple of years ago.

My husband and I used to take 5 hours road trips (mostly for eating). Your post reminded me of our road trips.

There is a bridge call "Ah Wong" in Melbourne? I should go to Melbourne the next time I visit my parents.

Kazmic said...

Hi Lee Ping, We have a Burwood in Melbourne as well. The restaurant wasn't that great I wouldn't recommend it.

The bridge is actually called "Ah Wongs Bridge" - isn't that great! It's just before Shepparton, Victoria.

Lee Ping said...

A bridge named after a chinese surname, that is great! Must be the chinese influence in Melbourne.