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Friday, 11 May 2007


The Momo place off Collins Street has been transformed into an eclectic eatery with ikea-like furnishing and strange pot plants, that is Fifteen Melbourne. I am not sure what the bright orange fragile luggage taped fern is about… After being seated for awhile, I realized that I had not come to a fine dining experience and that the atmosphere was indeed fragile and a little bit confusing. Although I do love the plants in the overhead fishbowls.

Is it a fine dining restaurant? I’m not sure, except the prices seem to drum that beat. Is it a bistro? I’m not sure either, there is no elegance. After having to pick up my own bread with my fingers from the bread board held by the waiter, I resolved to be composed like I was eating at a noisy cafe.

It was my sister’s birthday, so I was determined to make the evening enjoyable, dispite seeing a table that arrived later than us get their drinks and menu then meals before us. Well we had our
Yarrabank Cuvee to keep us company while we waited for the correct set of menus to arrive.

Service was friendly, but seemingly inexperience and it was a struggle to get attention amongst the noise and the activity.

Basically, you have two choices of menu, one a la carte and what they call “tasting menu” which is a 6-course Degustation. The waiter failed to tell us that you can only have one or the other per table. So it took us awhile to sort ourselves out, as two of us wanted the degustation and two wanted to order a la cart. So we ended up all ordering a la carte:

Carpaccio of beef with summer salsa of capsicum, celery, tomato and micro herbs
Risotto with wild mushrooms and parmesan
Grilled mushroom brushetta with rocket and parmesan salad
Seared scallop slices with pomegranate seeds sauce (as pictured below)


Wicked Sicilian fisherman’s stew: a rich combination of scallops, clams, WA scampi, mussels and fish of the day, grilled sourdough and a dollop of saffron aioli
Pan seared barramundi with chorizos and roasted potatoes

Sautéed baby spinach with pine nuts
Creamy mashed potatoes
Roasted potatoes

Thank goodness the food was good. I devoured all of my mushroom risotto – what a good hearty dish. I wished that I could finish all of the soft barramundi! Top of the list, the Fisherman’s stew – fabulous! Don’t order any sides until you see your mains. Ours came with plenty of greens and we didn’t touch most of the roasted potatoes. Having said that, we loved the creamy mashed potatoes, which was fluffy and went well with everything. We didn’t have enough stomach space for dessert, although we wanted to try their panna cotta.

Their menu changes on a daily basis because they try to get the freshest ingredients available.

Just remember to dress down….

Fifteen Melbourne
Basement, 115-117 Collins Street
1300 799 415 [This is a long message centre, just be patient, you will get there…]


thanh7580 said...

Kazmic, your post is rather timely. A friend and I were just talking about whether to go to Fifteen. I was saying that its all a gimmick and is probably overrated. From the TV show, it seemed like their prices were too high to justify the quality of their food, the service and general atmosphere of the restaurant. At least the food sounds good from what you have said.

How much did it cost roughly for each person? Because if it was the $100 - $150 range as reported in the newspaper, I can think of many better places to go and spend that money.

Kazmic said...

Hi Thanh, I think it worked out to be about $70 each 2 courses with drinks..Your call!