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Monday, 23 April 2007

Weekend Weather - Dry

It's Michael's Dad's 60th this May... We are racking our brains re: what special present we can get for him. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

Went to have yumcha BY MYSELF on Sunday (everyone was busy doing something else) at Oriental Tea House on Lt Collins Street. This probably prompted me to go on a shopping spree on Sunday.. felt so bad when I faced Michael afterwards... He is in shock about how much I spent...
But I finally bought my popcorn machine, a bread maker a jacket, a skirt, a necklace, a pair of matching earrings, glitter cherry blossom body wash and honey cleansing milk (from L'Occitane as there was a $5 special off every $50 you spend until 30 April plus gift if you spend over $65) and a Mouche handbag.... (Myer and David Jones were on sale....)
Oh yes and I bought some biscuits from Cavallini... (^^;)
I had fun...

I found out today that two of my colleagues would have loved to come with me for yumcha. Oh well next time.


thanh7580 said...

How brave of you Kazmic to have lunch by yourself. I haven't done the dinner by myself thing yet, must get round to it one day.

How about a massage chair?

Kazmic said...

I wouldn't call it brave as Oriental Tea House is an ideal place to eat quietly by yourself. I was too engross in my Harpers Bazaar to give up my seat in the crowded cafe.

Good luck with your dinner for one experience!

Thanks for the present suggestion!