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Thursday, 26 April 2007

Sorry Lauren

Sorry Lauren for missing my osteopath appointment. I totally forgot - very sorry!
When you called, I was sitting at Tho Tho enjoying a surprisingly delicious Vietnamese broken rice dish with grilled pork chop and shredded pork skin.....totally oblivious to my scheduled engagements....the lime soda was too sweet though...
I've always seen the crowds at Tho Tho but never went there because I somehow believed that it would be expensive, not authentic and generally not very good. But I'm glad I went... our meal, although it took longer than the usual 5 minutes to get to us, was unbelievably refined and delicious. We ordered Vietnamese even though the extensive menu included Chinese cuisine.
The goss behind Tho Tho is that two divorcees who wanted to start their own restaurant were introduced. I don't know whether any sparks flew but Tho Tho was the result of the union. While eating my meal, I suspected that the lady with the made-up face behind the counter was one of the boss. I am also told that they have 12 chefs, thus the capability to have such an extensive and varied menu.

My broken rice dish was $8.50 and Michael's pho dish was about $8.00. So pretty much standard pricing for Richmond Vietnamese restaurants. I'm glad for Tho Tho, I'm a little tired of the lack of refinement in Vietnamese food in Richmond. They can do so much better... If you've ever eaten Vietnamese food in Vietnam, you will know what I mean. The pho soup is suppose to be clear not cloudy.... too much MSG and not enough filtering of soup stock floaty bits. Of course, if anyone have been to a better Vietnamese place, please let me know. I have also heard Saigon Rose is pretty good....

After our lovely lunch at Tho Tho, we headed off to Dan Murphy's (Prahran) to check out the vodkas and weekly specials. Then we came across a rather interesting Alsace white wine called "Maru" - one that is dedicated for sushi / nigiri eating! (last two photos in the collage)... Nearly bought it just for the novelty but at around $20, I had to think about it. Next time I'm planning sushi for a meal, I'll definitely go out and get it.

Note regarding Photos: The first two photos in the collage are from Cafe Vue, where I had a fabulous hamburger for work lunch.

66 Victoria Street
03 9428 2036

Food: Delicate Chinese and Vietnamese Cuisine
Top Dish: Broken Rice wit the Lot
Atmosphere: Modern and Minimal
Service: Have to know what you want to order as they're not really good with recommendations.
Booking: Not essential, but at night time it often seems crowded.


Truffle said...

Great review. I'm going to have to give this place a try!

Kazmic said...

Truffle, let me know what you think when you visit, like what you like or dislike about it. :)