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Friday, 27 April 2007


Cavallini is such a beautiful cafe... even when buying biscuits I wanted to linger and absorb everything... I could live here, seriously!

The photos don't do it justice.

Queens Parade or what is called "Clifton Hill" shopping strip, in Fitzroy North, is a gem. Park your car at Blondies, stroll the stores along the street and then wonder around the corner to the other quirky stores, from Swords Selection, Cavallini, ........ I could happily wonder around here all morning or all afternoon.

During my drive from Queens Parade to Prahran via a GPS assisted short cut, I passed Smith Street and Church Street, both lined with (as many of you would know) very unique and intriguing shops and cafe. Aren't we blessed, Melbourne...

Cavallini Artisan Bakery Patisserie Espresso Bar
354 Queens Parade
Fitzroy North
03 9486 3883

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Truffle said...

We are incredibly blessed. I haven't ventured to that part of town in a long time. Thanks for the idea :)