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Friday, 20 April 2007

Hako for Lunch

Went to Hako for lunch today.. It was a spur of the moment decision as we stood around on the corner of Degraves Street and Flinders Lane. I've never been there for lunch so when I suggested it, I was hesitant. The reason being that the chef for lunch is different to the chef for dinner. But everyone else seemed fine with the idea. Boy lucky we went because it was great....
Two of us had the Hako Set Bento and the other had the Tori Karage Set. All set lunches come with 2 cold dishes. Ours were a small cube of cold tofu in soya sauce and a little bit of ponzu sauce, and 3 edamame beans (sorry I don't know what they are in English!). The set bentoes come with very light miso soup... not much was in the soup except a few flowing spring onion slices and I think slithers of onion.... Sorry I was hungry!
The Hako Set Bento consisted of teriyaki chicken on top of steamed rice, tempura prawns and vegetable in a lacquer bento box. We smelt something wonderful coming into the cafe, in the end we concluded that it was the teriyaki chicken. I would have liked the teriyaki chicken to be marinated a little longer... the chicken taste was a little too strong for me... Other than that, rice was fluffy and hot, and the tempura batter was crunchy and buttery. It all left me feeling like I've had an extravagant meal, wanting a nice long machiato at Degraves Espresso Bar (now that's a funky joint) to top it all off.
250 Flinders Street (Corner Degraves Street)
03 9650 0207
Food: Fabulous Japanese Lunch and Dinner
Top Dish: Hako Set Bento
Atmosphere: Quirky but Funky
Service: Friendly staff who make you feel at home.
Booking: Recommended for dinner but not essential. They don't keep your table so please be there on time. Cash Only.


Truffle said...

What a great review. Have been wondering about this place so lovely to hear your views.

Kazmic said...

Hi Truffle. Thanks for your compliment! I also reviewed it for dinner last year -