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Thursday, 10 February 2005

Perfect Salad?

After a night of delicious rich Chinese dinner and another following it, I craved for something more healthy and lean yesterday for lunch. So in response to my colleague asking whether I wanted to go to Koko Black for hot chocolate... I asked her where does she think makes the best salad. She said "I will take you, if you will walk there" - hahaha okay okay..

Sprout, was much like a sandwich bar but serving only salad, museli and juice. You can select a Salad style, or you can "make" your own salad by first selecting the main "lettuce" that you want, you are then allowed to choose 5 choppings, which includes nuts, fruit, vegetables, cheese, meats etc. Then you select the sauce to go with your salad.

I opted for the easy way out, knowing that there were a few people behind me in the queue. I asked for the New Yorker with tasty cheese. THey then take your name and call you when your salad is ready... The service is a bit chaotic...(I got blue cheese instead of the tasty cheese i ordered)... but the salad is fresh and divine ! I ordered a strawberry and banana smoothy with mine and really felt good after that. I was ready for my hot chocolate at Koko!

If you have never had hot chocolate at Koko Black, you have to! It is definitely better than Max Brenan's, eventhough it is smaller... but it is the quality not the quantity that counts .

I bought some chocolate truffles in a box for my dad as well. These are absolutely one of the best chocholate truffles that I have had so far... They melt in your mouth and leaves you wanting more...

If you are not giving Koko's chocolates as a gift, you can get them in a paper bag, which is cheaper as they are weighed whereas the 8 piece box etc. have a set price.. you're paying for the wrapping effectly. I love their chocolate truffles, I hope Dad will leave at least one for me when I get home today!

Sprout The Creative Salad Company: G 382 Little Collins St Melbourne 3000 / 9602 1063

Koko Black: Shop 4 Royal Arcade Melbourne 3000 / 9639 8911 / Koko Black is one of the attractions for the Chocolate Indulgence Walk, Time:12.15-2.15 pm Saturdays or arranged times for groups weekdays only. Meet:New Zealand Icecream, Ground Floor, Queen Victoria Building (QVB)- Entrance near corner of Swanton & Lonsdale Streets on Swanston St. Cost: $28.00 all-inclusive. Bookings essential through

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