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Thursday, 10 February 2005

RelaQ w Friends

I love my friends, you know, they always take me to new eateries that are fantastic. No less was today's lunch date with three of my fabulous girlfriends... RelaQ used to be a beloved Turkish cafe where we would get toasted turkish sandwiches and "seriously very thick" hot chocolates. The hot chocolates still remained in the menu in the new establishment, but the main speciality now is toasted roti wraps.

I ordered the Kashmir Magic, which had kashmir style roasted chicken, couscous, roasted peanuts and baby spinach wrapped in toasted thin roti pastry. Mine came with chutney and spiced yogurt. It was fantastic! The chicken was cooked just right and well-marinated. The couscous actually had some taste! (not a big fan of couscous)... the yogurt definitely was essential as it added to the flavour... The servings was as big as a souvlaki. So unfortunately, no space for a "seriously very thick" hot chocolate .

Oh well next time!

Relaq Cafe:

380 Little Bourke St Melbourne 3000 / 9670 6162

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