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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Feeling Rundown

I've been feeling run-down, possibly from a little cold that I caught from my little nephew. He's so cute! It's getting better today... On Monday, not having much enthusiasm and energy for cooking, I decided to go for something easy while we took a break from watching episodes of Heroes.

First, I made a soup base from Daishi and Bonito flakes to taste, once boiled I carefully slided some bought pork and chive dumplings into the soup. In the meantime, I cut some spring onions and cleaned some king prawns that I bought from Footscray market. When the water boils again, I put the prawns in to cook until crunchy. In the serving bowls, I placed the chopped spring onion, ready for the dumplings and noodles.

The dumplings were accompanied by Taiwanese Japanese tea, I served this is the brown ceramic teapot I made when I was studying in Japan many years ago (I can't believe it can hold liquid!). I reclaimed this from my cousin. The tiny tea cups and saucer, I bought when I went to Taipei at Carrefour at the end of last year.

We still had Chinese lychees left. These were the $20 per kg ones that M's mum bought for us, as oppose to the smaller $10 per kg ones I bought in Footscray. It's worth spending the money if you love lychees, these ones were definitely much more juicer and the seeds smaller.

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