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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Ajisen Ramen

It was one of those rare occasions that my husband was able to have lunch with me as we work at the opposite ends of the city. I think he felt bad for me when I told him that I was sick of having lunch in my area that morning. Although recently I've been going to this Indian outlet at the Food Court near where I work. The curries are fantastic, but my favourite thing there is actually the crispy salad with the yogurt sauce - delicious.

Anyways, back to our lunch, as Hubby usually has little time for lunch, we decided to go to his side of town and opted (as always) for something quick and easy, and never nasty.

Hubby wanted ramen, so we went to Ajisen Ramen, which is next to Ito Japanese Restaurant. Ajisen Ramen is a Japanese Ramen chain where their Japanese Ramen is from Kyushu, Japan. They are popular in Asia and have outlets in Canada, USA, and China as well. This is the first in Australia.

There are many things that you can have with your ramen, not only side dishes, but you can have chicken, pork, beef, plain vegetables, seafood etc. with it. I usually get their Chicken Karaage Ramen and Michael usually their Paiku Ramen. Ajisen is generous with their noodles and the dish comes with loads of vegetables and soup. The secret to it tasting extra special is in adding ubber amounts of Ajisen's red garlic powder mix that is available on your table. It is soooo tasty with it. We also tried the gyoza in earlier occasions, not bad. However, the soft shell crab is not great.

Paiku Ramen

Chicken Karaage Ramen
They also have a fine selection of Japanese soft drinks, we opted for the Grape Calpico Soda this time.

In any case, if you like ramen, and want something cheap, quick and easy, go for Ajisen Ramen.
Ajisen Ramen
130 Bourke Street
03 9662 1100
Japanese Homepage

Food: Simple Japanese Ramen, Trendy Japanese Dishes
Top Dish: Chicken Karaage Ramen
Atmosphere: Bare and clean
Service: Speedy service
Booking: Not necessary


Kelvina said...

Hello there! Just thought I should mentioned to you that Ajisen Ramen is not from Hokkaido, but originated from Kumamoto in Kyushu of Japan! Hence the Tonkotsu pork soup and also thin white ramen noodle which resembles Chinese ramen noodles!

As a side note, I should mention that the ramen noodles in this international chain of shops are made in China in Shenzhen!

Kazmic said...

Thank you for that, Kelvina! You were right, the Japanese website does say that it is from Kyushu.

It brings back memories of when we were in Fukuoka, Kyushu for a wedding and our friends took us to a famous ramen place where we had to queue up for half an hour and sat in individual booths where we couldn't even see the cooks... just the bowl of ramen served to us, with the soup type and ingrediants that we specifically ordered as we were lining up (you cna even specify how chewy you want your noodles, how strong you want your soup etc)... that was an amazing experience...

Anonymous said...

@ kazmic, :) I've been to that shop!

Kazmic said...

"Anonymous": Hehe did you like it?

dogandshit said...

Hello there.
I was just wondering if you'd tried the "Ajisen Ramen" from this shop called "Ajisen Ramen" O_O, did that make sense?
well I am interested in this shop because it has quite delicious and tasty food n___n !
and I would like to ask which dish you prefer most.
Paiku Ramen looks like soemthing worthwhile to be looking forward to. Please reply, for I am hoping to have something different and better at this restaurant with some friends this sunday. :D

Yours sincerely,

Kazmic said...

Hi D.A.S, sorry that I didn't get your post until today!! Sorry sorry! Paiku Ramen is good, the Fried Chicken Ramen is good.. use lots and lots of the garlic flake that's on your table... if not enough get some more! :) My hubby likes the soft shell crab there as well...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I had some of this in Hong Kong in August 08, I hope this one tastes like that, because that was really good, so good in fact, i Had to for breakfast 2 times on my way through the Hong Kong airport!!!

Kazmic said...

Do definitely give it a try if you like Ajisen Ramen! They get the ramen from the same place.