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Wednesday, 6 July 2005

Entertainment Book 2005

Every year since 2002, I've bought or had access to a Greater Melbourne Entertainment Book / Card. It is absolutely the best thing. The book is packed with loads of discount for eateries around Melbourne and nearby towns, including Yarra Valley. Every year, popular and (in)famous restaurants seem to appear in the book. Their frequent updates via emails is mouth-watering as well!

Recently, I received an email for a Yalumba Handpicked "Tradition meets Innovation" Luncheon hosted by Watergrill Seafood, Grill & Oyster Bar for $75 each person, reduced from $105! A few weeks back they added discounts for One Fitzroy Street and the Long Room. the book.

Haven't had the chance to go to One Fitzroy Street, but Mikey highly recommends it.

I have been to a "new" restaurant recently, except for Taipan Chinese Restaurant in Doncaster East (and the usual suspects - Torimatsu, Grand Taipei (Box Hill), Shoya, Langley Café, Relaq and David and Camy). I bought a Laurent crème brulee and chocolate mousse cake for the occasion. That was really rich and melt-in-your-mouth texture. That reminds me, I wonder if there is a place in Melbourne that serves raw lobster / crayfish... I love lobster only if it is raw or in garlic sauce.... YUMM! Yes I'm not really a seafood connoisseur. Let me know if you know any place!

Going to Cafe Segovia, City tonight!!

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