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Saturday, 31 March 2007

Becoming a Housewife

Becoming a housewife, the first step is to have a Tupperware party! Well, I love having people over, so it's just my excuse to have a few of my girlfriends here for a gourmet afternoon tea. In the end, I think the pretence of Tupperware wasn't really a good idea, as some people have an aversity to it, as I found out. As I don't have any tupperware, it was really for my sister and I to start and complete our collection.

Yvonne, my Tupperware demonstrator was fantastic. She was easy going and socialable. She demonstrated how to bake a chocolate mud cake in the microwave using their bake-easy range in 10 minutes. Well 15 because we overestimated the watt of my microwave. After that, I just thought how housewife-like this all feels!

Halfway through the product demonstration, we finished our bottle of Moet & Chandon Vintage Brut . It was great for my afternoon tea spread of antipasto, pannini bread slices, raw carrot sticks, smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches, Sis's mini scones with strawberry jam and cream, fresh strawberries, grapes, mild blue cheese. crackers and a camenbert. We had daiquiri, orange juice and opened a bottle of red wine which my sister, Yuki and I finished that off before we left..... We were soooo satisfied... I think I will organise afternoon tea more often!
Yuki gave me a present from Japan that day - a Sakura-themed mug and a box of sakura-shaped marshmellows from Starbucks in Japan. They are both gorgeous and I couldn't wait to use the mug! Yuki said to use it at work, hmm.. I think it's too precious for that...

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