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Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Middle Brighton Baths

Last Friday our dear friends took us to a lovely restaurant on the bay. Middle Brighton Baths is situated on the water, overlooking the sea baths of Brighton. We didn't see anyone swimming but we did catch the sun setting over the horizon. It is absolutely breath-taking.

MBB is really a great location to enjoy the sun, a view of the sea but be safe from the elements. From the look of the menu, the food was decidedly Modern Australian. We asked for the dessert menu in advance so that we can decide how much mains and entrees we should have if something entices us from that. M ordered two entrees for us to share, one was the delicious duck liver pate and melba toast and I think daily special.

Our friends had the large entrees of stuffed artichoke flowers etc. M & I got the Grilled tuna with steamed prawn and bokchoy dumpling, tamarind broth, sesame, and the Eye fillet of beef with potato and porcini lasagne, roast onion and balsamic jus butter as our mains, with side dishes of fries and seared spinach , pine nuts, sultanas and white balsamic to share. Then we had the petit brulees and churros with chocolate sauce. Our friends had the Baked peach croustada, stone fruit gratin and sweet basil ice-cream and Sticky date soufflé with caramel sauce and ginger ice cream. Theirs looked delicious as well.

All in all a satisfying meal over entertaining conversation. Service could have been better - I never like to strain for attention. However, I would definitely go back for the view.There is a café downstairs which we were told serves a nice breakfast / brunch. It is also on this year's Entertainment Card.

251 The Esplanade
03 9539 7000

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