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Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Pizza Napoli

I wanted to write a entry about Pizza Napoli, my local pizza and pasta joint because I am never disappointed each time I go there. When I crave pizza or pasta when I am at home, this is the place that I go. And guess what.... having found their website, I realised that it is the very first pizza restaurant in Australia, 37 years ago. The owners and the chef are still the same. I'm really impressed by their website as well! Who would have thought that my local Pizza place has such history!

My usual, their minestrone soup is fantastic.... they give you lots and lots of fresh parmasean as well. I love their calzone and their special pizza. I know I should try other things too... will do and let you know.

Pizza Napoli
122 Russell Street
03 9654 7127

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