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Friday, 29 September 2006

Cafe Vue

I have been told that the lunch box at Cafe Vue, attached to Vue De Monde, is fantastic. So as I walked pass Cafe Vue towards Berllini's where I was going to meet my friends for lunch, I plotted how I was going to convince my friends to go to Cafe Vue instead....

I briefly glanced over and saw that the cafe was not very occupied...good! Then I quicken my steps to Berllini's. Luckily my friends were open to trying something new.. so we headed over to Cafe Vue and found a table outside. The bench chairs on one side was very high so two of us squeezed into the lower bench chairs.

The menu sounded delicious and they had french onion soup! Image having french onion soup for lunch - delightful! Anyhow, we opted for the lunch box... which contained a number of things that I couldn't remember even after getting the waiter to repeat it all twice. So I am not sure what I was eating but it was delicious... By taste and sight, I know that today's lunch box contained a delicious duck and baked bean confite with lots of butter, a type of dip with buttery fingers of toast, potato salad with smoked salmon and a heavenly dark chocolate tart with a generous dusting of choclate powder.

Although the food was apparently prepared way in advance, it was still very special . The meal came in a gorgeous red paper box almost the size of a shoe box and each item was individually wrapped. We felt like we were having Happy Meals for Adults! So much fun! (Apparently you can order their meals for your Qantas flights, I will investigate this further)

Cafe Vue
430 Little Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9691 3888

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