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Friday, 15 September 2006

City BBQ Restaurant

BBQ pork were not all made the same, there are the good - crispy yet juicy, and the bad - dry and tasteless. City BBQ makes the yummy ones. Last Sunday, I had to get a bunch of chinese takeaway for my friends and decided to go to City BBQ. My friends who were prodominantly Cantonese, know their BBQ roasts. They ordered variation upon variation of roast duck, roast pork, roast spare-ribs on top of cantonese egg noodle, fried noodles (the crispy kind), flat rice noodles and rice... All I could think of ordering was BBQ pork on rice.... Doop! Theirs looked so yummy against my boring BBQ pork on rice. I think I'll try the Seasonal vegetable fried noodles with the lot (the lot meaning all sorts of meat and vegetables in a thick sauce) next time.

City BBQ Restaurant
178 Little Bourke St
03 9663 2311

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