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Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Bamboo House

During the Melbourne International Film Festival, a friend from Japan was down for a visit, so we decided to go for peking duck somewhere in the city, close to the cinemas. Peking duck tends to be expensive in Japan... I only really had three choices, Flower Drum, Da Hua Peking Duck Restaurant and Bamboo House. Flower Drum would have been the closest but it wasn't a place for a quick meal before a movie!

We decided on Bamboo House, and we were not disappointed. Between the four girls, we ordered a whole Peking Duck, which resulted in 5 pieces for each person and enough meat leftover for handmade fried noodles. We also had a seasonable vegetable dish stir fried with garlic. The peking duck was definitely the highlight of the meal. The skin was juicy and crispy and the meat, tender. The pastry that wrapped the meat was warm and not floury and there was sufficient sauce, cucumber and spring onion to be had (unlike some joints we know - but we won't name names).
The meal worked out to be around $35 each. And guess what, we went back again last night

Bamboo House
47 Lt Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC
Tel: 96621565

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